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  New Comprehensive Suite of Security solutions
February 15, 2006

Anthony Lopez


Equivus Introduces NetArmour a New Comprehensive Suite of Security solutions

Equivus’ NetArmour offering raises the bar For intrusion prevention and detection network defenses

Arlington Heights, Illinois – February 15, 2006 – Equivus announced today the availability of the
Equivus’ NetArmour Comprehensive Security Platform. NetArmour is the most comprehensive security and performance monitoring available, enabling Equivus to further their lead in offering the most complete security, integrity and performance solutions.

The goal of historical security products was to block viruses, worms, Trojans and other forms of attack traffic. The Equivus NetArmour does this while also providing 24/7 protection from vulnerabilities, external intrusions, web/e-commerce attacks, unauthorized computers connected to the network or unauthorized connections to nearby wireless networks.

The philosophy of NetArmour is that there is no silver bullet for network security, and that multiple layers of constant monitoring will greatly enhance a firm’s overall security. If an attack is not caught by one layer, it is caught by the next, so each subsequent layer enhances the overall solution. NetArmour adds additional important layers of security to the current multi-layered offerings in the market.

Attacks can come from authorized employees, unauthorized computers on the network, unauthorized network back doors, wireless connections to unauthorized networks, or hackers who have thwarted other layers of security. Equivus’ NetArmour has raised the bar by introducing the only fully automated multilayered service that provides 24/7 security for all of these types of attack.

The new core security technologies to be provided by the NetArmour suite are:

•Intelligent Vulnerability Monitoring -- IVM goes beyond traditional vulnerability assessment products by monitoring a client’s network every two minutes of every day, all year long – effectively providing a continuous security audit 365 days a year. The solution is unique in providing intelligence -- it establishes an initial baseline configuration and subsequently sends alerts the instant there are any deviations from the baseline. IVM is the only product in its class that actually archives the status of all vulnerabilities discovered, delivering timely reminders as requested by security administrators regarding any security holes that are left outstanding.

•Web/e-Commerce Performance and Availability -- The Web and e-Commerce solution is a comprehensive suite in itself, securing the customer’s entire Web infrastructure against attack. Monitors cover all areas of web and e-commerce risks including DNS availability and hijacking, web-page defacement and secure certificate integrity. In addition, the suite is distinctive in its ability to send alerts when a site, email or a web application’s performance is compromised.

•Internal Intrusion Protection -- Architectures that secure against only external threats overlook one of the most dangerous -- and common -- form of attack: breaches that originate within the network. NetArmour IPS is the only security solution that performs real-time intrusion-traffic blocking behind the firewall. This includes monitoring for both rogue LANs and rogue wi-fi, and determining whether unauthorized devices have joined the LAN either through a traditional tethered line or through a wi-fi connection.

•Remote Access VPN – Innovative technology seamlessly extends corporate-level security and privacy all the way out to your telecommuters, regardless of their home networking environments. This gives you the control you need over all remote access points, and ensures the security of your company's network. In addition, for the laptop mobile computing, NetArmour using a Global VPN Client secures connections for employees requiring secure access to business-critical network resources from various locations. NetArmour provides control over widely distributed networks and can scale to accommodate enterprise growth objectives while easily managing and reporting on remote access locations.

NetArmour provides for its ease of installation, ease of maintenance, automatic alerting and multiple levels of reporting. The NetArmour suite takes advantage of these capabilities, while at the same time supporting patent-pending false alert dampening technology, addressing one of the major historical problems with other network IDS products.

“Our new security platform provides more layers of critical security protection and detection to our customers, all within an easy to use framework of easy access, instant alerts, multiple levels of reports and lower cost.,” said Anthony Lopez, President and CEO of Equivus. “Intrusion security management requires blocking malicious traffic, constantly checking for system vulnerabilities and detection of unauthorized devices and connections on your network. Our comprehensive security platform is the only solution that provides these multiple layers of security.”

NetArmour platform is comprised of multiple layers of internal and external continuous surveillance for a single management of the risks of today’s e-businesses. These layers will incorporate solutions from industry best of breed leaders such as Catbird Networks, Cisco, MailFrontier and SonicWall to manage outsource partner risks, network intrusion risks, regulatory risks and information assurance risks.

Equivus’s NetArmour Comprehensive Security is available immediately. For further information, visit or call 866-378-4887.

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About Equivus

Equivus, based in Arlington Heights, IL, provides professional consulting services in Network Security, Disaster Recovery and Enterprise Content Management. The NetArmour product provides intelligent, comprehensive automated network monitoring solutions that identify vulnerabilities, intrusions, defacement, hijacking and identity theft, as well as monitoring online banking transactions and Web site performance. Equivus has been consulting banks, health care and Insurance providers, and other e-businesses since 2000, now providing cyber security monitoring to customers in most states. NetArmour is a registered trademark of Equivus, Inc. All copyright, Equivus, Inc. owns registration and trademarks.

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