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About Equivus

The world has changed. The clear line between business strategy and technology strategy is gone. So is the notion that technology implementation follows leisurely behind business strategy.

Business has changed. The best businesses in the world today treat technology advantage as an ongoing business strategy. They expect to execute, upgrade and innovate continually.

Who do you need? You need great people. People who can move easily between concepts of technology and concepts of business. Like the strategic consultants at Equivus who provide concrete business models, focused strategies and real-life solutions for companies in dozens of industries. Including yours.

Who we are
With over ten years of experience, Equivus is a full-service consulting practice that tailors Internet technology strategy to meet the needs of your business. We provide systems integration and support services that grow out of focused strategies and concrete business models. Our consultants are experts in business, technology, marketing strategy, organizational change and design. With a deep understanding of both technology and business strategy, we position companies to get ahead in today’s fast-changing economy.

Our philosophy on IT support
Installing and servicing technology is not just about the hardware and software. Equivus understands that it is more about the people who use it. From the quick responsiveness of our personable staff to our proactive approach and attention to detail, we demonstrate every day that you are our top priority.

Our philosophy on the Web
The key to a highly effective web site is knowing its primary function. Most web shops approach the web as a technical solution when, in fact, it is not. Equivus realizes that although the bells and whistles of the web have their place, they are simply a waste of money unless they are implemented for a specific purpose.A web site is first and foremost a marketing solution. Knowing that fact and utilizing it correctly will cause your site to become a vehicle for successfully promoting your business. By getting to know your company and the needs of your customers, then formulating a customized plan for your online presence, Equivus is able to develop web sites that get results.

Vendor- neutral recommendations
Equivus 's focus is not on product sales, but service and support. However, by developing relationships with various vendors, we enable our clients to gain access to discounted pricing. In addition, since we do not profit from product sales, you will not need to worry that Equivus 's solution is influenced by anything but its suitability for your business.


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