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Managed Site-to-Site VPN Services

Your business faces the challenge of finding flexible, lower cost network infrastructure to connect branch offices, partners, and suppliers. Like many other large businesses, you have probably realized the benefit of building a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to address this need.

VPNs provide your business with unmatched:

  • Scalability, so you can easily add additional sites to your VPN as your business grows.
  • Flexibility, so you can use VPNs to create partner extranets, or to connect branch offices around the world.
But by implementing VPNs, are you leaving you network wide open to security breaches? Or are you sure that your inter-company communications are secure?

Equivus Communications' robust, around-the-clock, co-managed Site-to-Site VPN services provide the security you need to protect your mission-critical, Internet-based communications and permit flexible business relationships between branch offices, partners, and suppliers. This type of reliable and secure VPN network can put you ahead of your competition.

Equivus Communications offers complete lifecycle managed security services, including the design, implementation, management, and monitoring of site-to-site VPNs. Yet, at the same time, Equivus Communications' co-managed approach allows enterprises to share control over your security management via a secure Web based system.

When you subscribe to Equivus Communications' managed Site-to-Site VPN services, you receive the following:

  • Needs analysis: To tailor the Site-to-Site VPN for your specific needs, Equivus Communications engineers complete a needs analysis questionnaire that will determine the best VPN security policy to fortify your network.
  • Customized configuration, policy design, and installation: Our security engineers employ cutting-edge technology and best practices to install and configure your Site-to-Site VPN to support your business practices, network usage policies, and specific applications. This process includes software loading, policy loading, and tunnel stability testing.
  • High availability solution: Equivus Communications can provide a fully redundant VPN architecture that employs two VPNs as a single enforcement point.
  • Web based co-management system: Our easy-to-use graphical user interface allows you to request policy changes; initiate trouble tickets; view their status; and view logs and other relevant security information. Our security engineers validate each change request to ensure that it does not jeopardize VPN security.

Further information

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