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World’s Most Comprehensive Security Platform
Perimeter • Internal • Web

Fully-Automated Continuous Security & Performance
Monitoring and Mitigation


  • Proactive: Catch vulnerabilities, detect and stop attacks, spot errors before they affect your business. Shift from reactive, manual monitoring to proactive, continuous and fully-automated monitoring and mitigation.
  • Comprehensive: Watch many internal and external points of weakness via the industry’s most advanced and complete continuous network security and performance monitoring technology.
  • Immediate: Sophisticated intelligent alerting capabilities ensure that all designated personnel, vendors, consultants and users are instantly notified of vulnerabilities or attacks. Automated mitigation instantly prevents further damage.


  • Constant Surveillance and Protection: 24x7 monitoring, every two minutes, 365 days a year.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Continuous updates to the system with up-to-the minute threat information and regulatory requirements.


  • Fully-automated: Monitoring and mitigation is non-invasive; no human intervention required.
  • Easy to manage and use: Single, integrated, web-based user and administrative interface with multiple reporting and alert options.
  • Integrated Real-time Reporting: Customized information for senior executives, directors and audit committees as well as IT managers; history maintained.

Intelligent Vulnerability Monitoring


  • Monitors for vulnerabilities 24x7, 365 days a year. Shift from reactive periodic vulnerability scanning to proactive continuous scanning.
  • Complete coverage Monitors both external network and internal LAN. Detects vulnerabilities introduced within the customer’s own network, as well as those originating from the public Internet.
  • Immediate, automatic notification whenever a port is opened or closed or a new vulnerability is detected.
  • Immediate, automatic targeted vulnerability analysis of any newly-opened port. New exposures instantly identified.
  • Automatic port scanning whenever new vulnerability issued Instant, up-to-date protection.
  • Intelligent Baseline configuration established; immediate, automatic notification whenever deviation from this baseline detected. This approach yields significantly faster scans, with significantly more comprehensive historical data critical to management and regulators.

Benefits of NetArmour

  • Continuous Protection Ensures that any vulnerability will be detected immediately, 24x7, 365 days a year. Protecting systems from attack is an ongoing responsibility, not a one-time event. Real protection requires constant surveillance.
  • Fully Automated Monitoring and protection occur automatically. No sophisticated personnel or equipment required.
  • No client to install No need to modify current network infrastructure, install software on hosts or set up complicated software. Full protection provided without hassle and expense of installing software on each covered machine.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Goes beyond traditional vulnerability scans to monitor both external and internal network. Add NetArmour’s Policy and Trusted Scan Monitor for even-deeper credentialed vulnerability scanning.
  • Cost-Effective NetArmour's “more for less” coverage is a fraction of the cost of its competitors.


Components of the NetArmour Comprehensive Security Platform:

Intelligent Vulnerability Monitoring
Policy and Trusted Scans
Intrusion Prevention Services
Internet Presence and E-Commerce
Rogue WiFi Monitoring
Managed Perimeter Service
SSL VPN Connectivity

CDP and Managed Remote Backups


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- Secure CDP (Continuous Data Protection) and Offsite Storage
Stay GLBA or HIPAA compliant with disaster recovery. Both the GLBA and HIPAA mandates requires those in the healthcare, Financial and Insurance industries to have an off-site backup of critical data and a contingency plan to access this data. By working with Equivus a medical practice, provider or medical information chain participant, CPA, Banks, Financial Planners, and Insurance agencies can meet this requirement to become compliant . Equivus provides support in specific areas of compliance including:

Continuous Data Protection
Off-site Data Backup
Contingency Planning
Disaster Recovery
Emergency Operations

Equivus provide best of breed Continuous Data Protection and off-site storage solutions for customer needs to meet compliance and best practice disaster recovery.


The NetArmour Service  is backed by professionally trained security experts and a 100% satisfaction  guarantee.
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