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HIPAA Deadlines Are Near - Time is getting short! HIPAA  Deadlines:
  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


The Department of Health and Human Services has published Notices of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) and is in the process of publishing the final rules, as well as implementation guidelines for each of the HIPAA-related regulations. The following summarizes the current status and timing for each of the HIPAA regulations:

HIPAA Category Compliance Date
EDI Transactions and Code Sets October 16, 2002
Claims Attachments Unknown
National Provider Identifier Unknown
Standard Unique Employer Identifier July 30, 2004
National Health Plan Identifier Unknown
National Individual Identifier Unknown
Data Security Unknown*
Patient Privacy April 14, 2003
Enforcement Unknown

* It is anticipated that the data security regulations will be finalized in 2002.


HIPAA legislation focused the spotlight for every healthcare entity on the need to make concerted efforts toward the standardization of data while at the same time maintaining the privacy and security of individually identifiable patient information. Equivus embraces these requirements and strives to ensure the highest level of standardization, privacy and security for all information, particularly PHI.

As an industry-leading solutions provider, Equivus has committed to hiring experienced healthcare professionals, technologists and business optimization experts to drive the direction of our services. This commitment creates a unique vision that enables the melding of operational and compliance strategies to address the full spectrum of regulatory implications. The breadth of industry-wide knowledge that is woven into each of our solutions assures our clients receive the most technologically advanced products available to meet their ever-changing operational needs.

Equivus is committed to providing operational solutions and software applications that meet regulatory requirements and assist in deploying and maintaining compliant information security and patient privacy programs. We view the relationship with our clients as a partnership, in which our solutions facilitate appropriate business associate relationships. The partnership facilitating functionality within our services and product offerings includes:

  • Patient Consent Management
  • Authorization Management
  • Appropriate Data De-Identification
  • Application of Minimum Necessary Standards
  • Patient Access Controls
  • User Authentication
  • Integrity of Data Transmissions
  • Automatic Log-off
  • Audit Ability
  • Configuration Management

Further information

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