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  The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act


As a leading provider of information management solutions, Equivus recognizes that the size and complexity of your entity will directly affect the organizational risks, needs and resources necessary to ensure your regulatory compliance. For this reason, we offer a wide range of services and solutions to help your organization achieve HIPAA compliance.

E-Sigma, Equivus's exclusive Six Sigma methodology, is spearheaded by our Business Optimization Group and provides our clients with the richest and most unique HIPAA compliance solutions available. By combining Six Sigma quality rigor with best-demonstrated operational practices, the E-Sigma team will partner with your organization to identify your specific needs, develop a comprehensive HIPAA compliance plan and assist with implementation and education strategies throughout your organization. Simultaneously, E-Sigma quality experts will identify operational efficiencies and drive savings across the entire HIPAA compliance process. Executing E-Sigma's HIPAA solution can improve the quality of your patients' healthcare experience as well as the overall satisfaction of every stakeholder in your organization.

Have you asked yourself any of the following questions regarding HIPAA?

  1. How does HIPAA impact my organization?
  2. What resources are necessary to develop a HIPAA compliance plan?
  3. What resources will be required to implement the compliance plan?
  4. What resources will be required to monitor and audit privacy and security performance?
  5. What level of assistance will my organization require to achieve compliance with all of the HIPAA regulations?

E-Sigma will assist you in answering all of these questions and more. Each E-Sigma HIPAA Compliance engagement is tailored to meet your unique organizational needs. Our team of experts will partner with your organization to execute any and all of the steps necessary to ensure your compliance with patient privacy, information security and standardized information format requirements, including:

  • Organizational Risk Assessment/GAP Analysis
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Information Management and Security Practices
  • Customized Educational Programs
  • Monitoring and Auditing Recommendations
  • Ongoing Support

Your dedicated E-Sigma team will perform a comprehensive assessment, present recommendations and provide a customized compliance plan in approximately four weeks (depending on the size of your organization). This will be followed by a customized consulting effort to refine business process procedures and practices in order to optimize your workflow relative to the HIPAA regulation requirements.

Equivus also provides assistance in breaking down each of the steps required for compliance and in developing a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program.

Contact us to discover the HIPAA compliance solution that is right for your organization.

Further information

To discuss your particular requirements, or for further information on Equivus products and services, please feel welcome to call us on 866.378.4887. Alternatively please email

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