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Audit Services

To remain competitive, an organization must implement and maintain a reliable infrastructure that is capable of managing rapid growth. Equivus Professional Services provides full audit and evaluation of your organization's infrastructure, identifying areas of weakness and enabling you to deliver a consistent level of service.

Performance and Optimization Services: Performance Analysis

The Equivus Performance Analysis program takes an in-depth look at how organizations can scale their system components to achieve increased performance, thus realizing a higher return on investment. Intended for customers that are in the early stages of new projects or beginning upgrades of existing ones, Equivus Professional Services reviews the organization's current or planned system architecture against its functionality and performance requirements.

The assessment team then discusses both the required functionality and the ability of legacy systems to coexist with the new solution during implementation. The analysis concludes with a detailed report recommending appropriate modifications to the proposed architecture and implementation. These modifications may cover the upgrade of existing hardware and networking infrastructure for proposed usage, architectural changes to improve throughput or scalability, and customizations in products.

Capacity Planning

Concurrent to the continued exponential growth of the Internet are the demands placed on networks, with sudden surges in traffic set to occur at any time. This constant growth can quickly consume excess capacity. To assist with alleviating this problem, Equivus has developed its advanced Capacity Planning Services. This service allows an organization to optimize its IT resources, align equipment and software purchases with performance and capacity requirements, reduce costs and improve long-term strategic planning.

The Methodology

Equivus Consultants and Project Managers will be responsible for undertaking a capacity study carried out by a team of Applications, Server and Network consultants. The study consists of five distinct components.
  • Characterization of Current Traffic: In the first phase, information is gathered about your network. The consulting team reviews the current server infrastructure, identifies all applications and traffic that will affect the servers under test, and create a profile of the current site traffic.
  • Stress Testing: Based upon the site traffic profile, your network is tested with increasing traffic until a breakpoint is reached. Using specialized tools that collect system and application statistics, each system is tested with emphasis placed upon finding weaknesses and limitations in the components of your infrastructure. Tests will be repeated after configuration changes to obtain data for an optimal system.
  • Monitoring: The consulting team works with your personnel to recommend monitoring tools and strategies for your site that will allow you to effectively monitor the capacity of your system.
  • Final Report and Capacity Recommendations: The consulting team will make final recommendations based upon all test results, which may include architectural design changes, application configuration changes to increase system capacity, and hardware and network capacity improvements.
  • Ongoing Review: Equivus will record details of all test plans and findings, allowing a rapid re-assessment of your infrastructure to assist with ongoing capacity planning as your Internet presence grows.
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