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Strategic Consulting Services

Equivus Strategic Consulting links strategic, operational, and technology management consulting skills with knowledge and experience of technology business strategies, providing organizations with a complete analysis to then wholly understand the strategic impact of e-business and the necessary requirements of the technology solution to be implemented.

Best Practice

As Internet growth continues to accelerate and change the face of industry, those organizations that deliver value to their customers, and recognize it as key to organizational growth and performance, will ultimately succeed. Failure is often the result of poorly defined business plans, ineffective operations, technology misalignment or an inability to execute.

Equivus Professional Services maximizes your chance for success through the provision of its best practice service. Through years of study, data collection, and analysis, Equivus have formulated models of best practice that provide a solid foundation for growth, evaluating your business requirements, defining a solution and enabling implementation. Application of this intelligence to our clients' businesses helps them position themselves advantageously in the marketplace.

Management Technology Briefings

Equivus Professional Services can provide your business with best practice and practical lessons from knowledge accrued through working with cutting-edge companies from around the globe. Providing the latest benchmarks, the management technology briefings enable organizations to plan an effective strategy, identify critical trends that could make or break their business, develop business plans, new business models and technological impact studies, and provide an efficient external sanity check on your organizational performance.

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