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Infrastructure Design and Implementation Services

Identifying the proper infrastructure that best aligns with your business objectives and integrates with existing systems while allowing rapid deployment, ease of use, and robustness, requires an experienced team, with a proven track record of designing, deploying and maintaining mission critical infrastructures.

Equivus Professional Services examine how your objectives fit with your existing infrastructure, and identify any additional requirements to meet these objectives. This assessment is then used to review products- whether Equivus or other- for integration with existing systems. The assessment concludes with recommendations for architecture and the presentation of the proposed project plan for deployment.

Hardware Analysis and Specification

Hardware represents a major expense in any IT system. A hardware analysis engagement examines the operational specifications of your system and develops a scalability model for the architecture, addressing the functions of the system, the dependencies on surrounding systems and any existing designs. Equivus Professional Services will examine the architecture and address a wide range of issues including architecture fault tolerance, scalability, vendors, platforms and security, producing a detailed analysis of requirements and architecture recommendation at the conclusion of the engagement.

Systems Burn-in and Stress Testing

Hardware systems are at their most unstable and software faults most predominant in new or young software. To identify faults and reduce the risk of data loss or early failure, a burn-in is performed before a system goes live. This involves reviewing the functional specification of a new system, and systematically stressing each aspect of it for a period of time. The infrastructure will be tested to its limit during this stage, while the software will be exercised in a wide range of tests and conditions that may be planned or unplanned by the original developers.

Load Balancing, Application Serving, Storage Layers

In conjunction with a well-designed network architecture, the services relying on that using that network need to be properly organized. Equivus Professional Services offer advice on the configuration of your application servers, clustering for the best possible performance, maximizing existing load balancing performance and optimizing the delivery of content to application servers.

Profiling Web Site Visitors

In order to maximize your customers' experience of your web site, it is essential to understand how they use it. By profiling your site traffic, Equivus Professional Services can identify the paths that visitors take through your site, and the content that they require the easiest access to.

Infrastructure Architecture

An effectively designed network is critical to the performance of your IT system. A network layout and design engagement can examine your existing Local Area Network architecture, identify components or systems that may be restricting the performance of the overall network, and detail the steps necessary to remove these bottlenecks. Alternatively, a network architecture based on your intended uses and traffic can also be designed.

Infrastructure Implementation

A services-ready infrastructure provides businesses with the ability to create and manage large-scale applications and services for their customers, partners, and employees. Equivus Professional Services implements systems that unify communication inside and outside the organization, providing a solution that runs across operating systems, enhances features without sacrificing interoperability, eliminates legacy applications in favour of open protocols, and coexists with existing systems - thus simplifying migration. In addition, Equivus Professional Services develops Internet commerce infrastructures that allow you to communicate directly with your trading partners' systems.

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