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Security Services

Internet growth has brought with it increasing numbers of fraudulent, defacement and denial of service attacks aimed at vulnerable systems, damaging the affected organizations both financially and through the loss of customer confidence. Equivus Professional Services provides a comprehensive range of security offerings to prevent Internet security breaches and maintain a reliable online offering, guiding enterprises towards a secure, and high performance solution.

Architecting Secure Networks

The level of security present in any network architecture is the result of a trade-off between security, cost and performance and it is often difficult to decide on the right mix for a specific network. Equivus Professional Services consultants work with high performance Internet infrastructures on a daily basis and can guide our clients through making these challenging decisions.

In a high performance network, traditional security measures such as firewalls often restrict the rate of network traffic to such an extent that the disruption caused is more serious than the benefits gained. Equivus consultants are experts in designing security architectures that operate in high performance networks and can recommend solutions that will not affect your critical data flow adversely.

Policy Definition and Compliance

Every organization network requires a security policy that governs the management of its online security. Equivus can provide the following services:

  • Security management process
  • Secure architecture definition
  • Data classification procedures
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Security Assessment

The security of any network depends on a solid security policy to guide the management of the current site, and to ensure the safety of future expansions. However, the security of a network is only as good as the implementation of such a policy. Equivus approaches the problem from two angles, ensuring a realistic, secure network.

  • Security policy review: The existing security policies are reviewed for weaknesses, both on a technical level and in terms of organizational aspects and procedures.
  • Penetration Testing: The network is probed to discover vulnerabilities and to verify compliance with the stated security policy.
Forensic Analysis

The management of security in an organization is an ongoing process that is refined over time. In the event of a security attack, Equivus can audit system logs, provide analyses of attacks and recommend corrective actions to prevent further attacks.

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