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Disaster Recovery Solutions from Equivus

Protect Your Business From Disaster.

"Two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster go out of business with five years. Business continuity plans and disaster recovery services ensure continuing viability." Gartner Group.

Business continuity is vital to business success. It can no longer remain the concern of the IT department alone. How do you determine the continuity and recovery requirements of your business? How do you identify and integrate critical business and IT priorities into a comprehensive continuity program? Where do you start? Right here.

Companies large and small need their data protected, accessible, and uninterrupted in the event of a disaster. EQUIVUS disaster recovery solutions work efficiently and seamlessly across all platforms and applications. And our solutions are flexible enough to grow along with your business. As you build your disaster recovery plan, EQUIVUS can provide you with a layer of protection at every stage.

Together, we will build your company's customized technology blueprint.

Planning & Design
Equivus develops enterprise-wide solution designs for back-up consisting of back-up software, tape libraries, SAN technologies and implementation services through:

  • Detailed inventory of computing resources including servers, databases, applications and network resources.
  • Requirements analysis identifying standards for recovery and back-up window constraints.
  • Software and hardware product selection, sizing and configuration.
Equivus can also fully implement the solutions we design. Implementation services include:
  • Hardware installation of all elements of the back-up solution including servers, tape library resources and SAN.
  • Installation of the back-up software framework.
  • Configuration, setup and test of back-up and recovery procedures, including customized scripts.
  • Knowledge transfer enabling the customer to monitor and maintain back-up procedures over time.
Business Continuance Solutions from Equivus
Equivus helps you maximize application and server uptime by creating infrastructures that are resilient to component failure, incorporating the latest technology.

To accomplish this, Equivus offers business continuance (also known as high availability) services including:
  • Cost of downtime estimate based on calculations of lost productivity and revenue.
  • Analysis and documentation of current server, storage and network configuration, including diagram of all hosts and storage if needed.
  • Documentation and analysis of alternative high availability/disaster tolerant solutions: single server; data center cluster; campus cluster; continental cluster.
  • A formal recommendation for improvements within reasonable budgetary parameters for the customer.
  • Integration services based upon the final design, as agreed to by the customer.
  • Skills transfer, if needed, for ongoing customer maintenance of high availability systems.
Systems management services, if desired, for outsourced ongoing maintenance of high availability systems.

Contact us to learn more about how Equivus can help you with your back-up and recovery needs.

Further information

To discuss your particular requirements, or for further information on Equivus products and services, please feel welcome to call us on 866.378.4887. Alternatively please email

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