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Security/Vulnerability Solutions from Equivus

Security is one of the most critical issues in networking today. How can you minimize the exposure of your systems and network? Equivus's Vulnerability Assessment is your first step in making sure you are properly protected.

Equivus's assessment follows established procedures to create a detailed initial evaluation of your exposures:

  • Security Policy and Procedures Review
    Equivus will review your policy and make suggestions as to how you might improve it to close holes that may exist, removing doubt and temptation. Does your staff know immediately what to do when a security breach occurs? Equivus will inspect your documented procedures and recommend revisions there too.
  • Security Interviews
    Have you asked your staff recently about their security concerns? Sometime we just get too busy to stop and review what we already know. Are they clear about what steps to take in the event of a security breach or disaster?
  • Site Inspection
    Sometimes a simple walk through the data center can identify where opportunities for hackers exist. Are modems waiting around to be connected? Are passwords posted or written on the walls?
  • Security Scan
    Equivus uses state of the art tools to scan your network from inside and out. These tools can identify what can't be easily seen. Do you still have the vendor password active on a device? Is a service available that only a hacker might use? Equivus's scan tools can find these and help you close those holes that may provide access for mischievous minds.
  • Recommendations
    Security exposures can be mitigated by one or more changes to your environment. Proper configuration of your firewalls, network redesign to create one or more DMZs, moving applications to more secure servers, or implementing secure technologies like VPNs can all improve your security posture.
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