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Secured E-Document Delivery

Secure email delivery of your critical business documents with digital encryption and certified delivery technology.

In today’s business environment, having the flexibility to deliver important business communications securely and reliably either by fax or email, as well as having confirmation that important communications reached the intended recipients is vital to conducting business electronically.
Digital encryption technology secures a document’s transmission from sender to receiver and protects against tampering. Certified delivery technology provides enhanced notification features.

How It Works

With digital encryption, clients can send documents securely from their Windows desktop, fax utility, or from their accounting, mainframe, ERP or host system. The document is digitally encrypted and password protected so that document can be delivered electronically without worry of tampering. In addition, certified delivery technology ensures notification of its receipt. Using certified delivery, the documents are delivered as a message to the recipient’s mailbox, and posted on a website. The recipient retrieves the password-protected document on the website using a standard Web browser. A confirmation, including the date and time the document was opened, is then sent back to the sender, completing the certified delivery cycle.


Easily send confirmed, secure email: Create and send secure, confirmed email messages with document attachments from desktop applications, fax utilities, or your host based applications like CRM, or ERP systems. This provides a low-cost, secured electronic delivery option for a company’s most important business communications.

Recipients receive confidential documents: Recipients of secure documents can retrieve them easily and access the encrypted attachment using a password.

Verification of delivery: To authenticate that the document reached its intended recipient, an email notification is sent back to the sender with a time and date stamp for easy tracking.

Confirmed mission-critical document delivery via email: Creates an email notification telling the document’s originator that the document was successfully delivered and opened.

Secure automated document delivery: Further leverage the e-process automation capabilities of production systems by adding the option of secure email delivery of mission-critical communications.

Easy administration and auditing: Easily track and monitor the delivery status of your mission-critical documents by taking advantage of confirmation notification features. This enables organizations to keep track of when important documents were delivered and read.

Support for high-resolution, color documents: Rich PDF format gives you the alternative to deliver higher resolution or color documents.

Equivus Consulting Group has partnered with Captaris to deliver the RightFax line of products. Captaris is the market leader for unified communications and mobile business solutions. By combining fax, email and Web technologies, RightFax provides a one-stop, full service, e-document delivery solution that gives companies the freedom and control to tailor a document delivery environment to fit the growing and changing needs of their business. The RightFax SecureDocs module secures delivery of your critical business document with digital encryption and certified delivery technology.

It features:

  • Digital document encryption to ensure confidential and secure delivery via email
  • Formats documents as HTML so that it can be viewed from standard browsers
  • Confirmation of delivery occurs when documents are opened
  • Timestamps documents each time it is accessed to track authenticity
  • Ability to set various security parameters on outbound documents
  • Customized retrieval Web pages with company logos, tag lines and graphics

Further information

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